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B & H Hygiene Plan

🍏 Private Hygiene Plans 🍏

Direct access to our hygiene services without seeing a Dentist.

Plan 1: 2 yearly hygiene visits – £6 per month
Plan 2: 4 yearly hygiene visits – £10 per month

This includes:
🍏 50% off Whitewash Teeth Whitening
🍏 50% off Air Polishing Treatment
🍏 FREE Worldwide accident and emergency cover

📲Call 07493088658 to sign up today!

Sometimes investment in hygiene care can be neglected as it is given less priority than it should. With this in mind, we have though very carefully about how we can help you to budget for your hygiene visits. We have introduced two hygiene plans as it is our aim to take positive steps to ensure your dental health is never a compromise.

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