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Facial Aesthetics

services-6Here at Burgess & Hyder Dental Group we believe in providing our patients with everything they require in order to achieve the appearance they desire.
Our specially trained team are able to offer a bespoke private service to our patients, which includes facial rejuvenation.
We understand that as we age our youthful looks are affected with the reduction of elasticity in our skin. We also understand that a more youthful appearance generates a more confident and rejuvenated you.

At Burgess & Hyder Dental Group we offer injectable anti-ageing treatments which work to subtly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a smoother, relaxed and more youthful looking complexion.
When you have your treatment, you’ll notice a significant improvement to your features in just a couple of days.
You can easily fit a treatment into a lunch hour, and you’ll be able to return to work straight after. What’s stopping you?

Free private Consultation

To allow you to make an informed decision regarding facial aesthetics, we offer our patients a free consultation with our dentists. During the consultation you will be given the opportunity to have all questions answered and any concerns alleviated. You will also be assessed for suitability for the procedure and given a full detailed treatment plan, including costs.
Call us now to book a FREE consultation in order to discuss all of your options with one of our dentists.

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