We understand that sometimes you may require your teeth to be cleaned by one of our team of professional Dental Hygienists but do not feel that you need to see a dentist. We now offer private direct access appointments to our Dental Hygienists without the need to be referred by a dentist. These appointments are perfect when preparing for a special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, or just to make your smile brighter and your mouth fresher.

Our hygienist can offer deep cleaning appointments in order to make your whole mouth look and  feel clean and fresh. Teeth can become discoloured and stained by a number of different things, the most common being: Smoking, Tea, coffee, red wine, strongly coloured foods, ageing. We offer a technique called “Air polishing” which works by removing staining from your teeth with amazing results! Full details of options and prices can be given by our highly trained team.

Call our treatment coordinator on 07493088658 to book your appointment.