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services-2Here at Burgess & Hyder Dental Group we believe that everyone should be able to achieve the image they desire.
We understand and fully appreciate that sometimes coming to the dentist can be a very traumatic experience and that anxiety can become a very real constraint when trying to achieve the smile you desire.

We would like to help you to overcome that anxiety by offering a range of anxiety management techniques. Our most significant being the use of conscious sedation techniques.
Conscious sedation can help relax you whilst you are in the surgery and therefore make the whole experience a none traumatic one for you.

Our highly trained and experienced team are here to help you and ease your concerns.
We offer inhalation sedation, which is also known as “happy air”. This is administered via a small mask which is placed just over your nose. This technique is very useful for children and mildly anxious adult patients, or patients who experience a strong gag reflex.

We also offer intra-venous sedation, which is administered via a small plastic tube which is usually placed in your hand and a sedative drug is administered via this tube. This technique is very successful with our more anxious patients.
Conscious sedation means that you will remain awake throughout your treatment but you will become very relaxed and therefore able to accept the treatment.

Free private Consultation

To allow you to make an informed decision regarding dental sedation, we offer our patients a free consultation with our dentists. During the consultation you will be given the opportunity to have all questions answered and any concerns alleviated. You will also be assessed for suitability for the procedure and given a full detailed treatment plan, including costs.

Call now to book your FREE consultation with one of our dentists in order to discuss all of the options available to you.

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